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    Behind The Face

    As for my baby girl, rest in peace until we meet again

    By Toranj Irani

  • About the Book

    A mother’s triumphant journey from darkness to light


    A mother’s triumphant journey from darkness to light after suffering a traumatic loss. Behind the Face “is a heart-wrenching story that will inspire you as Toranj Irani embarks on her path toward healing.

    Toranj’s life-changing emigration from Pakistan to Wichita, Kansas, was to begin an exciting next phase but would instead end in the tragic murder of her daughter Rowena at the hand of an estranged boyfriend that continued to pursue her after the relationship ended.

    Behind The Face deeply documents a mother’s and a family’s harrowing path through one of life’s most unimaginable nightmares—The excruciating loss of a child.

  • About the Author

    Toranj Irani

    Toranj Irani was born in Karachi, Pakistan to Zoroastrian Parents, Hootoxi and Tehmurasp Khursigara. Zoroastrian refugees escaped Muslim persecution in Iran by emigrating to India and Pakistan. After much hardship in Pakistan, Toranj and her husband moved to the US to provide their children with a better life, education, and safety. Instead, a horrifying nightmare awaited them. “Behram and I live a very quiet and humble life. The smiles on our faces disguise the immense trauma from which our healing continues. 

  • Praise for Behind The Face


    “I came to know Toranj through the production of a documentary detailing the life of her late daughter, Rowena. I was lucky enough to get to know Rowena through her loved ones, and the impact of her legacy has had a profound effect on me. From conversa-
    tions with Rowena’s friends, I learned that her family was extremely important to her - and she held the opinions of her parents in the highest regard. ‘Behind the Face’ makes it easy to understand why. Toranj’s story is one of incredible strength, resilience, and selflessness - always underpinned by love and loyalty. This book beautifully illustrates the mosaic of her life by exploring all the contrasting pieces of dark and light that are so important to the full
    picture. Thank you, Toranj, for a thought-provoking and deeply moving read.”

    Dawn Smith          

    “In this book Toranj allows the reader insight into her journeyfrom wondering why her life included so much suffering and whyshe was being punished—to the realization that not everythingis happening to you and into the knowing that things are alwayshappening for you.

    With this new awareness, along with the loving support of hercousin, she was able to move from bitter to joyful. Toranj then
    went on to develop a connection with her daughter—although
    no longer in physical form, Rowi is very much a part of her
    everyday life which includes ‘out of the blue’ magical surprises.
    This is a powerful story of her awakening and transformation.”

    —Rhonda Lewis          

    “Behind the Face of Toranj Irani After suffering a traumatic loss,the book Behind the Face of Toranj Irani “is a heart wrenching
    story of a mother’s triumphant journey from darkness to light.
    Her story will inspire you as she embarks on her path towards
    healing.” Dr. Rhonda K. Lewis, Professor of Psychology, Wichita
    State University”

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